viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009


Hi everyone!
This blog is about music and what represents to me. So I have to say that music is very important to everyone, actually I think that it's an essential part in everybody's life, most people couldn't live without music and many people also dedicate part of their time to play instruments or sing, even dance. You can do all that with music and so much more. They are people who also dedicate professionally into music and make famous carrers of it.
Personally I see music as a way to express feelings, every letter and melody have a unique message for every person who listen to the song. To me music is a very beautiful art, full of diversity. They are different kinds of music wich you can chose to hear according to the ocassion. I for example like almost all kind of music, the only thing that matters is that every song makes me feel something.

I get my music from an internet program, this way I can search for the song I want to hear or the artist which I like. But for a long time I didn't have this program on my computer because with this it came a lot of virus.
I don't follow any singer or group at especial, but when I was a little girl I remember to love The Backstreet Boys and go crazy about them. This days I like a lot of different artists, I have to say that I like songs with english letters, may be because besides of the interpretation you have to translate the meaning of a different language.
I definitely think that music fill my life:)
See you!

viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Transantiago: better or worse?

Hi everyone!
This week I have to write about Transantiago, so I'm going to give my opinion about my experience because people has said a lot of bad things about Transantiago, including people who have never used this transport. So I don't want to be unfair with the system only because in the begginig didn't work like it supposed to do it.
Although I do have to say that it was really bad organized all the process of introducing this new public transport system, especially because it wasn't gradual and not all the people was informed about the new routes, bus stop and payment mode.
Personally I think I was able to get used to this system but I also think that the old routes were better, may be because they were more extensive and the buses got to more distant places.
But the good part of Transantiago is that some of the buses are more big and tbe payment mode is more efficient ,and also helpful and convenient to the bus driver, because before all the bus drivers had to recibe the payment. so it was a distraction to them. Also in the old system they were a lot of robberies.
So I believe that all the new things are difficult to accept but eventually we can see that everything has a good part.

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

A country I'd like to visit

Hi everyone!
First of all I have to say that there are many places which I would like to visit some day because I think that travelling is the best way to know different and diverse cultures.
But there is one place that I really want to visit from while ago. I always wanted to know Europe but specially Italy.
Some day when I was a little girl I dreamt that I was in Italy and in that dream I knew all kind of beautiful places. That's one reason, a little silly but I think it means something to me.
Another reason it's that many of my ancestors came from Italy, two of my grandfathers and people who I really didn't have the chance to knew. So I'm still have some curiosity about other parts of my family. Also I love Italian food, so It would be a good culinary experience.
In this hypothetical trip I would like to stay some time but I don't imagine living there forever.
I obviously would like to go with someone and that person has to be a good travelling partner, so we could enjoy this trip together.
I expect to this trip something soon, but in this moment I think that it's more important to me try to visit to one of my best friends who is in U.S.A.

See you next week!

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

FIRST TERM: good and bad

Hi everyone

This is the first blog of the second term and I think that as a way to start better this term it would be good to realize of the things I did wrong, so I could do it better and learn from that and also remember the good things about everything I experience in this few months.

I think that I really learnt from my teachers but also from my classmates. Probably I got all the knowledge and the important stuff related to my career from the teachers but I learnt something that I believe it's equally or more important, from my classmates and that it's generosity, kindness and commitment.

I believe that in the matter of classes, my favourite subject was Embryology. I think that I reflects the things I like about my career: the development of the human being and all the things we are capable to do from the very begginig.

About the free time activities I must say that I really get used to the university and all the people who is in it, so I have a really good time in my free time doing different and several things.

See you next week!

viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

My blogging experience...

Hi everyone!
This is the last blog I'm writting for pre-intermediate english class and this blog it would be about my experience writting, guess what... the blogs.
I think I'll start saying that at first it was ok because in that time I thought that it will be good to practice. So that way I could improve my vocabulary and grammar.
And wasn't difficult to write 150 words. In fact, the words wrote themselves.I think that it's because the subjects which we have to write about were easy... I mean they were subjects about the things you most like to do or memories with your family and friends...and all that are things you remember easily and tell spontaneously.
And also they were subjects like write about my career and that was very interesting because I had the opportunity to learn more about my career and realize about the things I like about it. I could tell about my experience of being in the university studing Obstetrics and all that it implies.
So, I could say that the first blogs were "fun" to write. Besides I develop the ability to write many words in one hour.
But (there is a but) in the last blogs I got really bored. I think that it's because the subjects were boring. I didn't know how to write them and it took me a lot of time to think how to start. I didn't feel encourage to write them.
I think that it'ld have been a good idea to do some blogs with free theme.
So that way we could have written about anything we want and do that with glad.
Apart from that I think I was a good experience to improve our english in this blogs of friday pre-intermediate english class.
See you!

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Review *Do schools kill creativity?

First of all, I will start saying that the title for this conference given by Sir Ken Robinson is very suggestive because education like he mentions is a very important subject in everyone's life. A topic that worries to all people around the world.
And also it's a little controversial because it implies that education as we all know... the one it's given on schools and most of the educational establishments is killing a fundamental quality in all human beings: creativity. Wich is the base of every new idea and for consequence all the progress you can get from that.
As Sir Ken Robinson says all children are creative because they aren't afraid of go wrong or make mistakes. This is a valuable quality because it leaves you to original ideas that could be great achievments.
Another important point it's that all educational programs are exactly the same and they teach the same subjects like math, sciences and language so they don't give space to develop others skills.

My ideal Job

Hi everyone!
This is blog 10 and I have to write about my ideal job.
I think my ideal job would be any job wich relates with helping and supporting people with their difficulties and giving them solutions to feel better.
But the thing I like the most to work about is in the health's area, specially with my career: Obstetrics. I 'm very happy because I'm learning about the things I like and all that will help me to be a good professional in the future. So I think that my ideal job would be to work as the best midwife and that means to take serious at the patients, give them all the attention they need and care for their safety.

Also, I would like to work in Neonatology. I imagine my ideal job would be to have my own clinic and create a nice group of health's professionals to work with. The clinic would have everything that woman needs to have a good prenatal care, to feel good during the delivery process and after the birth, giving the best care to newborns.